Confidentiality and impartiality

Impartiality and Confidentiality

Weldadvice undertakes to act objectively and impartially in relation to the company's certification activities. The top management declares thus not having financial, social or other conflicts of interest in relation to companies that get welders certified. Similarly, Weldadvice does declares to not have financial, social or other conflicting interests in relationships with the candidates who are certified. The management therefore signs on an equal basis with the examiners and the examiners a declaration of impartiality, stating that it is maintained in all the above mentioned conditions.

General Data Protection Regulation

Data Responsibility

Weldadvice Cert offers personal certification as an accredited certification body, and in this connection processes a number of personal data.

Here you can read how we process your personal information when you are a customer and or become certified.

Weldadvice Cert is the data controller for the processing of your personal data.

The processing of your personal data

Weldadvice Cert only processes personal information for specific and factual purposes.

In this privacy policy, you can read how we process your personal information when you are a customer, become certified, visit our website or otherwise contact us.

When it comes to personal certification of welders, Weldadvice Cert complies with the provisions of the standard we are accredited against, EN ISO/IEC 17024, the international qualification standards that we certify according to and finally we comply with the directives and regulations that our customers' business areas are subject to.

When applying for a weld certificate qualification test for Weldadvice Cert, the candidate also gives his/her permission that Weldadvice Cert may process some personal information for its intended legitimate purpose.

On welding certificates, Weldadvice Cert discloses the certificateholder's name and date of birth, as well as a photo. To this end, Weldadvice Cert collects and archives information regarding the candidate's place of employment.

Weldadvice Cert files the case with all the essential information for a subsequent period of min. 13 years with a view to the requirements of EU Directives, EU Regulations and Executive Order on the maintenance of dossiers containing all relevant product information with full traceability for the materials, procedures and certificates used.

Weldadvice Cert keeps all certification cases in a locked file cabinet as well as on the company's internal server. This server is protected by a hardware firewall and is only accessed via either LAN or an encrypted VPN connection. All users are approved and have signed a confidentiality statement and can only access using their own user code and password. Backups are handled by a certified data provider, where all data is encrypted prior to transfer with a secret custom key that only Weldadvice Cert knows. The backup cannot be restored if the key disappears.

Weldadvice Cert does not disclose information beyond what is required by the legislation and standards under which we operate.

Complaints and appeals

In case of complaint and appeal, we can process information about your name and address. The legal basis for this is Weldadvice Cert's legitimate interest.