Misuse and complaints

Misuse and Complaints

Complaint Instructions:

Complaints about Weldadvice CERT are submitted to the Weldadvice CERT (WC) manager within 4 weeks of receiving the test results. Weldadvice Cert then confirms the receipt of the complaint to the sender immediately.

It is the responsibility of the Weldadvice CERT (LWC) leader to collect and verify all available information to validate the complaint. Weldadvice CERT is required to record all complaints in a non-compliance report. The complaint can be processed in the following ways:


  1. The complaint can be dealt with by the LWC if it is a documented totally objective basis such as a typo

  2. Any complaints and objections to certification assessments must be submitted to Weldadvice CERT in writing no later than 1 month after receiving the test results. 

  3. All complaints are recorded in a non-conformity report.

  4. In the absence of a "totally" objective basis, the complaint must be passed on to an impartial surveyor who has the necessary qualifications to deal with it. People with the following educational background are considered as "the necessary qualifications": IWS; IWT; IWE; EWS; EWT or EWE as it is to be expected that these qualifications are a sufficient basis for acquainting themselves with the background of the specific dispute. The surveyor must be honest and confidential, and will be selected externally by the head of Weldadvice CERT.

  5. Decisions made by the LWC on an objective basis can be appealed to the impartial advisor who then makes his own decision regarding the appeal.

  6. The LWC makes a reassessment based on the decision of the surveyor and then makes a final decision / full and final settlement in the case.

  7. When the decision / settlement is available, LWC is obliged to inform the respondent of the complaint without delay and to complete and file a deviation report.

  8. If the decision is of a general nature and should therefore be followed up by a corrective action in WC's QA system, LWC is obliged to initiate this with the company's quality manager.

  9. The quality manager must then create a new deviation report and treat the deviation according to the procedure for this.

  10. Complaints made against a WC certified person must be submitted to that person at an appropriate time in the process.

  11. The LWC must present the complaint decision to an examiner who has not previously been involved in the subject of the complaint for approval before submitting the complaint response.

Abuse of Certificates

Certificates issued by Weldadvice CERT must not be abused.


In the event of suspected abuse or forgery of one or more certificates, the leader of Weldadvice CERT or his/her representative must contact the relevant certificate holder and his/her employer to clarify the situation.

If abuse or forgery is found, WC can give the candidate and/or his/her employer a period of 3 weeks to rectify the situation. The certificate must be suspended in the interim period.

If this is not the case, WC is obliged to publish the abuse, to withdraw the certificate and, as far as possible, to inform all interested parties of the abuse and to inform the candidate and his employment that the abused certificate will be canceled.

In case of serious abuse, this must be reported to the relevant Danish authority as well as published and possibly prosecuted.


If situations or conditions arise that affect the certified person's ability to continue to meet the certification requirements as tested in the qualification test, the certified person is obliged to contact Weldadvice Cert.

In the case of withdrawal of certificates, WC is in accordance with Directive 2014/68/EU, Annex 1, Article 36 1a, required to provide information to the notified authority.

In cases where the issuance of a certificate has been refused, printed with restrictions as to the intended validity of the standard, suspended or revoked by WC, WC is also obliged to disclose this information to the notified authority.

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